I help museums implement and integrate evaluation and accessibility into their culture and strategic plan.

To make this possible, I identify the needs, define the goals, provide tools, and apply new methodologies based on the before, middle and after phases of a project. Analysing the past allows to measure your expectations, motivations and take on the project with confidence. In the middle phase, is the action, development, and experience of the project itself. Finally, by working the afterwards we will exploit the acquired learning, its application and sustainability over time.


I work with museums to improve their daily practice by means of:


Evaluate projects and learn how to improve them.

– Advise and train in evaluation.
– Perform evaluations of educational activities.
– Evaluate the social impact of a cultural project.

The consultant Andrea Granell, walking a blind woman and her guide dog. Behind, a stone tower with a circular structure. Is the Torre Blava-Espai Guinovart located on the Passeig Marítim in Vilanova i la Geltrú.


Make museums accessible to citizens.

– Advise and train in accessibility.
– Design and write accessibility plans.
– Perform evaluations of activities for the audience with specific needs.


Make museums accessible to citizens.

– Advise and train in accessibility.
– Design and write accessibility plans.
– Perform evaluations of activities for the audience with specific needs.



The following projects are examples of cost-effective daily practice transformation of different types of museums:

Garden area, fountains, stairs and façade of the Palau Nacional de Montjuïc. The main façade is symmetrical with a central body protruding, crowned by  a Roman-style dome, and two sides with two smaller domes.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

What I did: Training in accessibility and a focus group.
Audience: People with low vision/blind.
Outcomes: Identification of needs and definition of tactile and digital resources requirements.

Young people sitting in a circle on the tiled floor of Can Tinturé Museum.  They are talking after a sensory activity.

Museus d’Esplugues del Llobregat

What I did: Training to raise awareness of the importance of the local heritage as a central element of collective identity and social inclusion.
Audience: Young people (Secondary Education and Baccalaureate).
Outcomes: Proposals for the inclusive interpretation of heritage as a result of participatory group dynamics and 3D printing activities.

Cover of the Plan with the following title “Accessibility plan for museums and visual arts centers in Catalonia 2020-2024.

Servei de Museus

What I did: Assist in the elaboration and drafting of the Accessibility Plan for Museums, Centers and Visual Art Spaces.
Audience: Professionals from museums of Catalonia.
Outcomes: Reference plan for the universal accessibility of cultural equipments in Catalonia.

Nineteenth-century farmhouse kitchen with a small door and window, a wooden table with a jug in the center and a fireplace.

Casa Museu Verdaguer

What I did: Advise, training and evaluation of the museum’s education offer.
Audience: Museum educators and director.
Outcomes: Identification of the skills set developed in the museum’s activities. Improvement of the museum’s website presentation of education activities.

Entrance grille and plain white façade of the museum. In the background, a building and chimney of industrial architecture.

Xarxa de Museus de Tarragona

What I did: Support museums in educational projects, accessibility projects, evaluation, and audience dynamization.
Audience: Museum educators, technicians, and directors.
Outcomes: Analysis of the activity “Discover a flour mill” through a non-participant observation to check if skills set were developed (Cambrils History Museum), design of a leaflet to present educational activities in a more attractive way (Tortosa Museum), training the teaching staff of “A museum in the classroom” program (Museum if Rural Life) and review of the “School friend” program (Terres de l’Ebre Museum).

Façade of industrial architecture with a parabolic arch.

Consell Gaudí

What I did: Evaluation of Antoni Gaudi’s heritage through observation of an educational activity in each of the centres of the Gaudi Council that have a school program (Cripta de la Colònia Güell, Gaudí Centre (Reus), La Pedrera, Nau Gaudí, Palau Güell, Park Güell i Basílica de la Sagrada Família).
Audience: Students, teachers and educators.
Outcomes: Harmonization of the educational offer of the different Gaudi Council centres.

Fourteenth-century Gothic-style cloister.

Monuments de Catalunya

What I did: Advise and training in educational activities evaluation in the Monuments of Catalonia.
Audience: Students, teachers and educators.
Outcomes: Application of the 360-evaluation model (evaluation of students, teachers, educators, and external consultant). Elaboration of questionnaires and satisfaction surveys for students (adapted to different educational levels), teachers and educators. Application of new pedagogical methodologies such as Visual Thinking Strategies in educational activities.

Neoclassical façade where symmetry predominates together with a central body protruding with four large columns.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

What I did: Evaluate the visitors’ journey in the new Greek gallery of the museum while they used the interactive screens (Greek Gallery Project). Evaluation of the pedagogical material provided to families (Family Guide Project).
Audience: General and family audience.
Outcomes: Analysis of the use of interactive screens and improvement of the pedagogical material provided to families.

Courtyard of a Venetian-style palace.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum/ Peabody Essex Museum

What I did: Front-end evaluation of the efficacy of digital devices as learning tools.
Audience: General audience.
Outcomes: Analysis of the incorporation of digital devices.

Collaborators and networks


Cultural projects consultant specialized in evaluation and accessibility.

PhD in Psychology and Masters in Cultural Production and Communication, specialized in evaluation studies and accessibility projects in museums. During ten years of experience, I have worked locally and internationally (Boston and the surrounding area), where I have been able to learn and collaborate with visitor studies companies in both private and public sectors. I have also advised on different types of museums (large and small) and carried out different types of evaluation projects (front-end, formative, and summative).

I have provided support and tools for improving accessibility in museums, not only physical, but also accessibility in communication and at the sociocultural level. I am passionate about learning every day from the local and international consultative working groups of which I am member: Museums and accessibility group (Barcelona) and Foro de Estudios de Públicos (México).

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